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Hawke's Special Forces Survival Handbook

HAWKE'S GREEN BERET SURVIVAL MANUAL (right) is the comprehensive hardcover version from which HAWKE'S SPECIAL FORCES SURVIVAL HANDBOOK (left) was composed.  Like the original manual, it contains illustrated techniques on shelter, water, food, fire, navigation, signaling, medical, and more, but a durable, water-resistant flexible cover and a trim size make it perfect for backpack portability.  Hawke provides a unique perspective along with the most useful practical advice for survival.  Both are published by Running Press.

Hawke's Green Beret Survival Manual

Now Available again in paperback from Amazon AMAZON!
Available Now: Hawke's Outdoor Survival Kit

This mini SURVIVAL KIT includes Hawke's handy 7-in-1 multi-tool featuring: a compass, whistle, signal mirror, waterproof match storage, magnifying glass, emergency light, and thermometer—an invaluable commodity in survival situations when you need it the most.   Also included is a mini survival guide that offers Hawke’s best practices for staying safe in the wild and getting out alive.   A must-have for any survival situation!  Expected to be available in time for the holidays!  Images coming soon.

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The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast

THE QUICK AND DIRTY GUIDE TO LEARNING LANGUAGES FAST, published by Paladin Press under the pen-name A.G. Hawke, has been widely commended for both its novel approach and ease of use.  It was designed for people who have no interest in learning complicated rules of grammar.  Hawke promises that his method will help anyone become functional in any language in seven days and proficient in thirty.  He's trimmed the fat, freeing your time for what's truly useful.  Includes a day-by-day schedule, a handy workbook format and secret tips to help you master key elements quickly and easily.


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In the Dark of the Sun

Special Forces veteran Jake Tyler operates in the most dangerous places on the planet, working the shadow wars.  This time, in the all-but-forgotten jungles of Colombia, it gets complicated when an unexpected love interest and a betrayal by his best friend puts him in the cross-hairs of a powerful cartel.  In a race to outrun the U.S. and Colombian military through hundreds of miles of jungle, Tyler is on the most out of control mission of his life—and now, it's personal.

IN THE DARK OF THE SUN is the first Jake Tyler thriller, based on Hawke; the second is in the works and takes place in Africa.

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