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Charities and Champions

Hawke's Causes

Mykel Hawke supports Warrior Causes to help the needy where others may not go.

War zones and disasters always have innocent victims and getting help can be difficult to impossible.  Since specially-trained and properly-equipped caregivers are essential, Hawke works with America's leading physicians, Special Operations trainers and equipment manufacturers to help daring doctors and other brave health care professionals get the best, most realistic training available outfitted with the best gear for specific medical missions.  Together, they prepare these dedicated care givers to face the physical and psychological trauma of providing care under challenging conditions in resource-limited environments during mass-scale human devastation.

These programs are sponsored by leaders in the medical community, backed by the US Chamber of Commerce and supported by many of America's Leading Corporations dedicated to being social responsible.

It is this "Top Down = Boots on the Ground" approach that ensures the bottom line is the tip of the spear and the best Trained and Equipped helpers get the help to the needy.  Hawke's contribution is not only to Champion worthy and warrior causes, but to lend his skills and experience to help raise funding and awareness and make America proud of our own for what we do for the world—an American Military tradition.

A personal note from Mykel: "Thank you to each of you who took a moment to read this and see this and for doing what you do in your daily life to take care of your part of the world and your piece of that which makes America great!"

Mykel Hawke with DARC

Founded in 1996, Direct Action Resource Center has trained and facilitated U.S. Government and Corporate entities in a multitude of tactical, operational and strategic related disciplines.  DARC is internationally-recognized for its professionalism, discretion and cutting edge training programs based on a "kinetic" and "scenario-based" training methodology.

DARC's extensive list of accomplishments includes the planning and successful execution of real-world missions to include personnel and nationally-sensitive Asset Recovery Operations during Hurricane Katrina.

In September 2010, Mykel Hawke participated in DARC's course simulation for field medicine, austere conditions, and key components immediately following a manmade or natural disaster.

Pictured here, with Producer Nina Bouphasavanh and Austere Medical Program Board Director Dr. Larry Hollier.

The Austere Medical Program is hosted by DARC

Mykel Hawke uses DARC for our Weapons projects.
We highly recommend DARC for all your shooting needs.

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