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Comments or questions may be sent to:  If you are okay with letting us share them, please say so in your note and select e-mails will be posted here.  While Hawke makes every effort to read all correspondence, due to the volume received, it is not possible to respond individually to each.  Thank you for your understanding!  Posted comments may be edited and last names are withheld for privacy.

I wanted you both to know that you have been an inspiration recently in my life.  I was diagnosed as a child with bi-polar, and it stunted the beginning of what I had hoped to be a military career.  But after watching you and your wife on the show I am re-motivated to get a psych evaluation and try to go into the army once again...the compassion and understanding you show on the

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program when talking with your wife, and in other situations, only strengthened my conviction in wanting to educate others in survival and safety techniques and first aid....again, you two are truly an inspiration to me please keep up the good work.


I'm going to get straight to the point and just say thank you.  My fiancé and I are currently on a one year trip through New Zealand and we ran into a bit of trouble around week three.  The two of us were working on crossing a mountain ridge in the north island on a beautiful sunny day until the weather, as I guess it does on mountains and islands, turned really nasty really fast.

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The sun gave way to clouds, then a drizzle, then one of the worst hail storms I have ever been caught in.  We were too far away from camp to make it back down without getting battered, and it became clear that we needed another option.   We headed to a nearby tree-line but the cover was insufficient, and even though the weather seemed to change in a minute it didn't seem like a good idea to wait for a nice spot, so we began to build a simple lean-to.   A couple of smaller poles rested against a tree and some pine boughs late,r we found ourselves out of the painful blasting from the hail.   Although watching your show provided the knowledge for the lean-to, it was certain messages of yours that proved even more invaluable.   Although it was not the worst situation imaginable, the constant reminders of staying cool under pressure, pushing forward, and carrying on in any situation kept entering my mind.   The funny part was that as we were running for cover my fiancé, Beth, was the first to point out the comparison to your show.   So thanks to Ruth as well.   I had to make Beth watch the show the first time, but after that she was hooked by your interactions with each other and ability to work together to survive the wild.   Well, thanks again and hopefully we don't run into any more trouble, but if we do, we will have properly stocked packs and be well prepared for the worst.   Great show, great books, take care.


For some reason I don't really learn a lot from most survival shows. I've spent the last year or so gathering knowledge and gear to make a 3 day hike in the Sierra Nevadas and I just wanted to pop in here, say hi, and thank you for the work you've done and the work you do. The way you explain things clicks with me as I'm sure it does with others. You're saving lives man! Stay safe and keep up the great work!


As a civilian survival instructor I spend the vast majority of the year outside, working with the general public and schools.  I have recently bought your Hellion 2020 and would like you to know that for me this is the knife of choice.  All the little things I thought about with other knives have been answered in this one.  It has stood up to all the work that I do and still looks new.


O.W.L. Outdoor Wisdom & Learning

I'm a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.  In 2007, I had the pleasure of working with the Green Berets in Baghdad and have seen what world class folks they are. They impressed me every day with their ironclad guts and endless courage.   I was sifting through shows to download on my iPad for my recent trip back to Iraq when I found your show.  I already had your book

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and tried out several of the methods I picked up on your show. I just finished my third tour and my wife and I will lay in bed and watch your show on my iPad just like I did while deployed.  She wants to practice some of it also in our backyard.  Surprisingly, it has brought us even closer.  Thank you for all you do.  We can't wait for the next season to come out!


I am reading your Green Beret Survival Manual.  I WAS ready to quit.  Your insight and some of your life growing up, which you shared in the begining of the book, has inspired me NOT TO QUIT.  I will keep pushing on to survive this life and see my dreams come true.  Thank you for being an inspiration to me.


We all here at the 3/20th SFG including some of the AOB and ODA wanted to say thank you for your support.


I am writing to tell you that you have conquered another mission.  Almost seven years ago my family moved to North Carolina for a new start after losing my Dad and my Mom-in-law a little less than a month apart.  About two years after moving here our son developed "seizures of unknown origin."   He nearly died twelve times before his sixth birthday.

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As a retired paramedic with twelve years of critical care experience I had never felt so helpless.  My husband had been going to school to get his RN, but went back to driving a big rig to keep a roof over our heads and to pay the medical bills.  Our son is now, thankfully, seizure-free for three years and a brand new Cub Scout at nine.  Because of all the time spent in the hospital he had a very hard time focusing in the public school system and soon became the target of bullies and, sadly, the school system.  Last year, my husband and I decided to home-school our son.   He was/is so jaded about education that we have been having trouble making contact with him through traditional ways.  Then I started to record your show Man, Woman, Wild to watch when I had some time.  My son walked in one afternoon when I was watching.  He was more focused than I had ever seen him.  During commercials I would ask him questions about how you had applied education to your survival mission.  Then we would take that information and research where you were, the indigenous plants, animals and terrain.  I have no idea where in his mind you/your show touched him, but you did and I can never tell you how grateful I am.


We are just huge fans of your show.   We think that you are just amazing, brave, and so fun and educational to watch. Our five-year-old boy is absolutely obsessed with your show and loves you sooo much.   He always wants to know "What would Mykel Hawke do" when faced with any decision, even what to choose for dinner, wardrobe and such.  He wants to grow up to be like you and loves to

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dress up as a "survival expert" and eat and talk and act like one too.  We are HUGE fans and watch you religiously!!!


Just wanted to pass along my thanks for getting my six-year-old daughter interested in the outdoors and survival techniques. It all started when I was watching the season premiere of Man, Woman, Wild on the Discovery Channel. She came in and started watching the show with me and was hooked. She had to watch every show and was disappointed if she missed one. She is definitely

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one of your biggest (and youngest) fans! Recently, to my amazement, I caught my daughter rubbing sticks together in the backyard. When I asked her what she was up to, she said she was trying to start a fire in the fire pit. She had collected all the tinder and sticks to get a fire going. As an avid outdoorsman/hunter and former military man, I am grateful that you have had such a positive impact on my daughter. While still young, I hope she continues to foster a love for the outdoors and learns the skills needed to survive any situation.


FANTASTIC show! I was born to a Green Beret father, at Fort Campbell, KY (82nd AB & 101st AB) and have a certificate for being the youngest Jr paratrooper at 3, haha! A lot of the things you and your wife demonstrate on your show are things my father taught me growing up in the Pacific Northwest. It is great to see your talents on the Discovery Channel.


I am a huge fan of Mykel. I think he is an awesome guy and I think it's awesome how he knows so much about survival. He is a hero of mine. I also plan to join the military. Knowing that he made it all the way to become a Green Beret is incredible; his determination and professionalism in many situations really makes me look up to him.


To be truthful I was skeptical the first time I watched your show. Having lived here in MT all my life, I was just sure that you didn't have a lot to teach or tell me. Boy, was I wrong. I can't wait for Friday nights. I loved your show last night in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. You've now taught me two different ways to start fires that I knew nothing about. I have to say, I was wrong. You've made my list of fav tv shows!


As a marine hailing out of east Kentucky, you make me more prouder than ever to be who I am. Keep on keeping on!


I wanted to let you know that your book, Hawke's Green Beret Survival Manual, is great. I have a Master's degree in Emergency MGT/Environmental MGT and a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia Writing/Editing and Technical Communications; hence, I have read many technical books. Because the way your book presented the information, I did something that I have never done before: read from

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start to finish, all the way through, without skipping pages. I am an avid outdoorsman and I have been in survival situations before. I wish I had had the knowledge that your book provided before I was in those situations. I was almost finished with your book before I saw your show on Discovery Channel and it is reassuring to see that you practice what you "preach." Thank you for the knowledge that you have shared with the rest of us.


Love the new show! I was excited when I saw the first commercial for it. I told my friend, "I'm gonna get the knife that guy designed, its like a new Tracker." I saw the Hellion months ago and fell in love with its utilitarianism. I have to admit I was disappointed you weren't using the Hellion in the first few episodes, but now I'm watching the Mexican desert episode and you AND your wife are

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carrying it, awesome! After a good 6-plus month wait I finally got mine, and I can't wait to put it to use in the hills around here. I've been re-reading the info on it many times a day and watching how you use it on the show.

I'm a disabled AF vet, my career and left shoulder function were cut short in an aircraft maintenance accident. I met a ton of amazing people, had a chance to help maintain the most bad ass fighter jet EVER and even got the chance to dive in the coral reefs of Okinawa, but the one thing I regret the most is that I never learned how to survive in the wild. I had always wanted to do the AF SERE training, but I guess we can't live all our dreams.

For some reason I don't really learn a lot from most survival shows. I've spent the last year or so gathering knowledge and gear to make a 3 day hike in the Sierra Nevadas and I just wanted to pop in here, say hi, and thank you for the work you've done and the work you do. The way you explain things clicks with me as I'm sure it does with others. You're saving lives man! Stay safe and keep up the great work!


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