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Hawke believes that everyone inherently has the will to survive in them—and a good start to develop that will is to study and "get some dirt time."  Likewise, he believes that no one "owns" survival; it is there for everyone and should be embraced.   He knows people have different needs and learn in different ways.

To this end, Mykel Hawke has a group of friends who are dedicated teachers and practitioners of the Art of Survival.   One may let price or location drive a decision to select an instructor but Mykel recommends looking for someone who:

1. Teaches what you seek.  Example: Seek out an Arctic Survival Expert if you live in the cold, or plan to travel to or work in those regions.

2. Teaches the way you best learn.  Example: If you do better learning with books first, or classroom, or hands-on, or prefer to go straight to the field, then find a course that fits your needs.

3. Has the attitude to which you best respond.  Example: Seek out a hard-core Drill Sergeant type if you need to be pushed, or a calm spiritual person if you are self-driven.

Survival Friends

NOTE: Not everyone who has served is an expert in Survival, just like not everyone who has served in Special Ops is a Martial Artist, a Master Marksman, or anything else.  Simply attending a school or serving doesn't an expert make.  Dedication in terms of study and practice is what makes one a true practitioner of the Art of Survival.  So, ask questions about background, training, schools, experience, and teachings.  Then select the instructor best-suited to your needs.

This list of Mykel Hawke's Survival Friends is a good start for would-be students.  (This list is not inclusive and there are many other wonderful instructors out there.)

If you contact one of these instructors, please tell them you found them on Mykel Hawke's site.  Thanks and happy survivalin'!

Sam Coffman
Sam Coffman
  • ID: Sam Coffman
  • HQ: Texas
  • STYLE: Military and Primitive
  • SPECIALTY: Special Forces and Medicine
  • SITE: The Human Path
  • E-MAIL:
The Human Path
Ranger Rick
Ranger Rick
  • ID: Ranger Rick
  • HQ: Italy
  • STYLE: Military
  • SPECIALTY: Ranger Commando
  • SITE: Survival Outdoor Skills
  • E-MAIL:
Outdoor Survival Skills
Dave Connell
Dave Connell
  • ID: Dave Connell
  • HQ: U.K.
  • SPECIALTY: Primitive
  • SITE: Survival Edge
  • E-MAIL:
Survival Edge
Allan Beauchamp
Allan Beauchamp
  • ID: Allan Beauchamp
  • HQ: Canada
  • STYLE: Military and Primitive
  • SPECIALTY: Winter Ops
  • E-MAIL:
Jeff Randall
Jeff Randall
  • ID: Jeff Randall
  • HQ: Alabama, Peru
  • STYLE: Civilian
  • SPECIALTY: Knives
  • SITE: Jungle Training
  • E-MAIL:
Randall's Adventure and Training
John Rose
Kelly Alwood
  • ID: John Rose
  • HQ: Kentucky
  • STYLE: Primitive and Civilian
  • SPECIALTY: Primitive Skills, Survival Psychology
  • SITE: Wilderness Survival Tips
  • E-MAIL:

A Few More We Like:

Brady Pesola

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